Jasmine Floral Water & Toner

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8oz Spray Bottle

Directions: Shake well before every use. Spray Floral Toner to face and body for skin hydration and toning.

For body: After shower , towel off, spray toner onto legs and desired body area for added hydration. 

Fragrance - Jasmine Flowers

Alcohol Free Witch Hazel. Witch hazel, specifically Hamamelis virginiana, extract was effective at correcting elastosis, increasing skin’s overall firmness and reducing wrinkles.

Setting Make-up: Floral spray is a cosmetic product formulated to preserve and enhance applied make-up long periods of time and removing make-up with out the drying skin. Just spray mist over face and let it set.

Bare Face: With alcohol free Witch Hazel and Glycerin it’s perfect for bare face as well. While toning the skins complexion and hydrating skin, it also has a pH level at 4-5. It’s lovely Jasmine scent is light and giving you.

Body:  Have strawberry legs? Spray legs after exfoliating for added hydration.

 Ingredients: Distilled water, Hamamelis virginiana (Witch hazel), Aloe Vera, Jasminum (Jasmine) Oil, Aspen Bark, and Optiphen plus. 

For Anyone. Sold in glass spray bottles.

External use only

Note: Not recommended for use during pregnancy

Avoid contact with eyes, mouth and open wounds