Lemon Soybean Butter

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Lemon Soybean Butter  

Hair - Brittle, dry scalp, curly hair. 

Skin - Dry, chapped hands, body and feet.

Directions: Apply small amount to desired area for moisturized skin and hair.

Great for twisting, braiding, and defining curls!

What does it do: Moisturizes and replenishes hair

Add with your favorite styling gel for a great hold.

Benefits: Soybean Butter re-hydrates and replenishes the hair's lipid barrier to help hold in moisture. Soy Bean are extremely high in lecithin, vitamin E, omega 3 fatty acids.

Moisturizing/ Defining Curls/ Straight hair

For: Brittle/Dry Scalp, Hair and Dry, Chapped Skin.


The Lemon Soybean Butter is non-greasy luxurious formula that will revitalize, remoisturize and reenergize the most damaged hair. Expect soft and hydrated hair with each and every application.

Contains Vitamins A & E

Ultra Moisturizing

Soothes & Repairs


 Ingredients: NON GMO Lecithin (Soy)Butter, Mangifera (Mango) Butter, Citrus (Lemon) Essential Oil

We make sure our Soybean Butter is purchased from a Non-GMO supplier.